I have to take Gallup’s Teacher Insight “test” for one of the districts I applied with. Well, ok, I’ve actually already taken it–I just need to decide if I want to take it again OR send my original results.

The problem? I don’t know what my results are. Unlike the Gallup Discover Your Strengths “test”, people who take the Teacher Insight are not given their results. The districts however, are. So…you have no idea how you scored; if it’s positive or if it’s negative. GAH! It’s really irritating. And, nervewracking.

So, I need to make a decision. Should I re-take or leave it alone? Any suggestions?

**For those of you who know about the Gallup Strengths bit, you can stop reading now. For those who don’t…continue onward, please.

The Gallup Strengths thing is really neat, actually. The link is to the Amazon info about the original book. There are 34 Talents/Strengths that people could possibly have. Your top 5 is what you are most skilled in and use most often in terms of how you approach things. For example, some people may be very high in Acheiver and Analytical. They would be able to analyze all the ins/outs/what-ifs AND would be very goal-oriented. That, is SO NOT ME.
In my last job (non-education oriented) we had to take the strengths “test”. I came out with 1) Empathy 2) Context 3) Communication 4) WOO & 5) Input. For me, they really do make sense. I personally see Context and Input as going hand & hand. And I think my Empathy compliments my WOO well. WOO = Winning Others Over. 🙂 I think Communication is pretty self-explanatory.

Ugh, well, my ride for work should be here soon. Till later on, folks!


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