So, I’m guessing the interview went well today, b/c the woman from HR told me that they’d like to consider me for one of TWO positions within the district. One at a high school (the one I’d like to work at, if hired by this district) and the other at a middle school. Their middle schools are 7th & 8th and my endorsement is 7 through 12, Language Arts. So, YAY!!!! Super excited!!! I left messages for both principals today, so hopefully they will call me back soon.

On another note, I got an email today from the HR man in charge of hiring for high school in the district where I student taught. There IS an opening at the high school I was placed at, for next year. He’s going to forward my application file to the principal for consideration. So, I may get called for an interview for there too. Whoo hoo! That’s exciting too.

Well, that’s all the news from job search land for now. I have to go take out the trash (least fave thing to do…)


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