I was offered a choice between the two high schools within _ _ _. I have till tomorrow to choose. I have to call HR and let them know sometime then. I’m leaning towards one more than the other, but I HATE making decisions sometimes. I’m always afraid of the what-ifs. Most importantly “what if I make the wrong choice?”


I’m leaning towards the one primarily because of the position/what I would get to teach. That’s not wrong, is it? I think my mental block about it all is b/c the other high school is the school I always thought I wanted to work at, back when I was just beginning this whole teacher thing.

Well, I’ll let you know which one I decide when I get the chance (as much as I can at least, w/o giving too much away. I’m trying to keep this as anonymous as possible). Currently I’m at an i-cafe using their internet. Whoo hoo! Big city life.


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