Go ME!

I’d actually put the name of the mascot of my new high school in the subject, but in the interest of trying to remain anonymous, I can’t.

YUP! I accepted a job. I actually spent a large chunk of Friday trying to call the woman from HR while wandering around Chicago. First of all, it felt really good to have made the decision. Secondly, it felt really good to inform the right people of the decision. A weight was lifted. It’s the right choice, I can tell.

So, what I can tell you is that I’ll be teaching sophomores and juniors at a high school that’s about 1500 students. We have a block schedule, and rather than a 4A, 4B schedule, we do a straight four. So, essentially, I’ll cover a year in a semester and do it again with new students, second semester.

From my understanding, sophomores do Greek and Shakespeare, while juniors do American Lit. I’m not exactly sure what my split will be, b/c I’ll actually only have 3 classes a day and 1 period of plan time. I’ll meet with the Curriculum head on Thursday to discuss specifics.

I am SO excited! Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. It’s nice to be supported and feel like people are rooting for you.

Now, the fun part will begin. Look for me to comment this summer about what novels/stories we’ll be reading in my classes. AND, to beg for ideas related to a) teaching in general and b) teaching a block schedule. I know I’ll get support from staff at school and from the district, but any extra help is ALWAYS welcome.

Don’t forget to stop on back when you get a chance. And, leave comments too. (That means you, lurkers). I love feedback and I love finding new blogs to read too. Check out my sidebar for places I go/people I read.


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