I got a letter in the mail from our State Dept of Ed yesterday. They needed a list of all my past addresses for the last 5 years. The same list I filled out online in February!! This needs to be completed before I can have my teaching license. It’s part of my background check.

When I called the woman from the state department who’s working on my file, she said the problem was that the information was from February. I just moved in January into my new apartment. The online app did not have “Present” as an option for your address. So, I had to put February. I’m not sure when I’m moving out, but I do know that I’m not staying here. However, if I could have put “Present”, I don’t think there would be this effing issue!

This is the SECOND dealy I’ve had related to getting my license. The first was when I received a letter in April saying they never recieved the check I gave to my professor to mail to the state. So, I re-sent them the information and a (new) check for the licensing fee.

ARGH!!!! Can you see/understand why I’m so frustrated! My school district needs my license on file so I can be employed!



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