I have books for this next year at home with me. I have the Junior Anthology at school. I only need to plan for 1st semester, but it needs to be the equivalent of a year’s worth of teaching and information.

I’m NOT really a good look-ahead, small pieces of the big puzzle type of gal. Does anyone have ANY suggestions as to where I should start re: planning for the year? I kinda think that I’d like to go chronologically for American Lit, rather than teach by genre (which is how my cooperating teacher did it for her juniors).

Also: I need to plan for 2 things. 1) The research paper. I’ll have this each semester with my students. 2) State writing assessment. I’ll need to make sure my students are ready for it. It’s in the spring. So, even though I won’t have my fall semester students when they take it, I’m still responsible for their scores. (yeah, no pressure, eh?)

So…where do I begin? How much is realistic for a semester when you’re doing block scheduling? How many novels? How much poetry? Also, I’d like to include somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes each day on grammar.



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