You wonderful, wonderful readers you! I’m so pleased with everyone’s comments. Hurrah! Your input definitely has given me lots to think about. And, lots more to do, for sure.

I realized yesterday that I have LESS THAN A MONTH till I officially begin. Yup, new teacher meetings begin August 8th. Yikes! I went into my building today to meet with my curric specialist and look things over, etc. My room (wow…MY ROOM) is cleaned, but they don’t have keys for me yet. I have a stack of district posters that need to be hung, and then I have another stack to look over and see if I want them. I bought posters for myself as well. I’ve always been one of those people who doesn’t like a lot of blank space on the wall. I think that walls are there to be decorated and covered with pictures and posters, etc. Hopefully I can restrain myself and not go TOO overboard.

I’ve almost finalized my list of books we’ll be doing this year. I brought home the anthology the district uses to look over as well. It’s mostly put together chronologically, but not 100%. I think that makes sense for me, more than by genre.

I just worry about how I’m going to fit it all in! Oy!


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