Logically? Chrono…logically?

(how is it that it’s already past midnight? gah!)

I was writing down ideas tonight for school, while at my part-time job. I think that I’d like to have at least one novel or excerpts from a novel from the major eras in our country’s history. Or, something like that. I also would like to make sure I have a good representation of ethnicities in the classroom. [Frustrating though: my coworker/manager told me tonight that my students won’t care if I do. And, if they DO care, it’s just b/c they want to get out of doing homework (which didn’t make sense to me). I HATE when people are all doom & gloom towards me & my new career path. Yes, I know it’ll be difficult, but you don’t have to be a complete sourpuss about it!]

So, I need to go look through the BIG list I have, AGAIN, and re-evaluate. GAH!!! I’m running out of time!

And, speaking of time…only FIVE DAYS till I have the copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my hot little hands! YOWZA!!

(Side note: I did this online personality test thingie tonight. I LOVE these. It told me I have low self-esteem/confidence though. Which, lately, I do.) <script src="http://personaldna.com/t/?k=MGsipTHtNqaQoTg-BO-ADCDA-cc33&t=Benevolent+Dreamer“>


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