My inaugural edition

Thirteen Things about MIDWEST TEACHER

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1) This is my very first Thursday Thirteen. I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what all the hoopla’s about.
2) Speaking of hoopla: I can’t wait to hit super large chain bookstore tomorrow to get my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Oh. My. God. I’m SO EXCITED! But, I’m sad too. I don’t want it to be all over.
3) Also speaking of that book, I’m going to be refraining from getting on the net until I’m finished. I don’t want to inadvertantly run into anything online that might spoil it for me. So, I’m imposing a connectedness moratorium. Hopefully I’ll read pretty quickly. I’m addicted to the www.
4) I’m also addicted to blogging, reading others’ blogs, getting on MySpace (there, I said it), and checking my email. I prefer reading blogs of real everyday people though, compared to celebrities.
5) However, I must confess I’ve read John Mayer’s blog a few times. I joke that he’s my celebrity husband.
6) Besides John Mayer I have a number of celebrity crushes. I used to joke that I had a “man harem”. Also on the list? Jason Mraz, Chris Thile, Joshua Jackson, Michael Buble, and Will Friedle. Those are the standard long-running members. New additions include Seth Rogen, Justin Chambers, and Sendhil Ramamurthy. If you don’t know who any of these yummies are, click on the links I made for their names! Or Google them too!
7) Speaking of Google, I’m obsessed with using my phone to text Google. Google Info can send you a text message with things like phone numbers, the weather forecast etc. I use it instead of dialing Information. Just costs me a text.
8) Speaking of texts–I need to increase my plan. I use a LOT.
9) I just took a 3 or so hour break from typing this to eat & watch tv. I do things like that. I probably have ADD.
10) My mom thinks I should have medicine for ADD, but I’m pretty sure I should be officially diagnosed before that happens.
11) Currently I have medicine that I put on my face b/c I have really sensitive skin. It was ok, and sometimes even pretty darn good, for awhile (like my late teens, early 20s), but the past few years it’s been really aggravated again.
12) I also think I’m developing an allergy to strawberries. This really REALLY sucks b/c they’re my favorite fruit.
13) I don’t eat a lot of fruit or veggies. I’m a really picky eater and so the variety in my diet is kinda non-existent.

And, FINALLY, I figured out 13 things to say. 🙂

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