I know, I know. It has been ages since I’ve posted on here. There have been a number of things that have been going on w/ me. My primary excuse is that I’ve been too tired to post or read anything b/c I’ve been working so much at my part-time job. However, starting now (actually), my hours have been greatly reduced. This is because next week I officially begin work.

District-wide new teacher meetings start on Wednesday the 8th. We have a week of those and then Wednesday the 15th we begin meetings for my school w/ all the staff involved.

I have a picnic for faculty/staff on Tuesday this next week. I need to make a salad. I need to find the thingie and RSVP.

I bought a big (cheap & cute) desk calendar at Wal-Mart. I’m going to use it to try to map out the semester.

I think I’m only going to end up teaching between 4 and 6 books. I think 10 would be WAY too many. I want to actually have discussions about them. PLUS I have to teach the research paper too AND prep them for their state writing assessment in the spring. (GAH!) If anyone has any suggestions on how to teach the research paper or knows of any handy-dandy links for such a thing, please, PLEASE, send them my way. (thanks!)

I can’t believe that it’s almost time to begin! I don’t feel ready! I don’t have enough figured out yet! OY!

I should get to work on that…ok…later! (promise)


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