Still Sleepy

Well, today was my first day. Consequently, I didn’t sleep at all last night. Nope, I doubt it was more than 2 hrs put together. I took at nap when I got home today. I’m still feeling tired, so hopefully I’ll be able to fall back asleep later tonight.

Today was primarily introductions in the morning. Our school has 10 “new” teachers. Technically, 5 of us are actually 100% new. The other 5 worked at the school last year, but were hired after the beginning of the school year, so they missed all the new teacher stuff. We newbies got a tour of the building (that lasted forEVER) and got to spend a bit of time in our office area. Then, we had lunch at a different district building and had a couple big lectures there. At the other building we met with all the other newbie teachers in the district for secondary (aka middle school too). I got to see a few of the girls I did my certification program with, so that was pretty nice. I also noticed that a LOT of the newbie teachers our district hired are good looking guys. Too bad they’re all at other schools. Not that the guys at my school aren’t cute, but they’re all in relationships. The 2 uber-newbies w/ me are practically engaged, and the rest of the guys are married. *sigh* Oh well…sometimes I wish I was one of those girls who could turn off that aspect of me, but I can’t.

Tomorrow morning we report to another different building at 7:30. That means leaving the house about 7 a.m. Urgg. That’s early.

So…nothing much really to report yet. I might have more later on this week. Right now I’m going to go take some Pepto (my stomach’s pissed off for some reason) and then find s’more food (I’m hungry again!).


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