Only, well…ONE…day left till school begins. Freshman arrive Wednesday. Everybody else arrives Thursday. First day of actual, “real” class is Friday. That, personally, seems really silly to me (how much will anyone get done or accomplished and then there’s the weekend already?).

I have been in and to so many meetings that I feel like I’ve been beaten with a wet noodle. It’s all SO overwhelming. All of these different things we need to make sure we included in what we’re teaching (as part of the vertical team curriculum–elem to hs), and things we need to remember to do, and standardized tests we need to give, and elements that we need to cover. Oh my god–why/how the hell did I EVER think this was going to be easier than what I did before? GAH!!!

I finished my syllabus today. If I knew how to post a link to a document, I’d put it on here for everyone to read. But, alas… I think it’s a rather decent syllabus, but I copied quite a bit of it from a co-worker who teaches my same class (Junior English). It’s weird, b/c she’s younger than me, and she’s got more experience.

I finally decided that THIS is what I’m teaching…

Quarter 1 (again, this is like the 1st semester when you’re on block):

The Crucible (I’ll work my way up to Scarlet Letter in a few years, when I’m ready to teach it)

My Antonia

short stories/poems from the text (up to late 1800s, including Puritans, Trascendentalism, Poe, etc)

Of Mice and Men (I know, it doesn’t QUITE fit in, but…)

and we’ll be doing one fairly big project somewhere along the way. I’ll only have 9 weeks, so I have to make them count!


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