One more day!

Tomorrow is the last day before we’re officially on break in my district. Like all the students, I can NOT wait till break. My friend M and I were talking about it and she said she told some of her students that it’s likely the teachers will beat the students out of the doors tomorrow after school.

I have 2 options for socializing w/ my coworkers tomorrow: right after w/ the M & M group and then at 7pm for 90s party at a friend’s apartment. I’ve made some good friends in my department here and they have totally helped me to survive this first semester.

I can’t believe that the first semester is almost over, speaking of that…I’m going to have all new students come mid-January. And, that makes me sad. I’ve really come to like my 4th block students (most of whom I had 1st Q), and I’m going to miss them. Sadly though, my 2nd Q junior English is apparently a tough nut to crack — I started out w/ 22 students and am now down to 13. Of those, two of them miss regularly and they are not passing, and my other failing grade is a student who does nothing for himself. He’s all talk, no game in my classroom, when it comes to his work.

I should get out of here for the day.


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