I’ve been tagged!

I need to update my blogroll (among other things), but I figured I’d play along w/ this meme. Then, I have to pack up some books.

Ok, seven random things. I’m going to do this one w/ a twist, and then play it the normal way.

Seven random things about me as a teacher
1) I procrastinate on grading, but when I get to it, I do it pretty quickly
2) I can tolerate quite a bit of noise as a teacher, depending on the activity…I’m loud so I’m ok when my kids are loud, if it’s appropriate
3) I’m sarcastic, sometimes w/o even meaning to be so
4) A lot of the lit that is recommended for American Lit bores me to a ridiculous extent and I’d LOVE it if I could choose exactly what I wanted to teach my students
5) I would love to teach a women’s lit/women authors class
6) It still amuses me (yet also makes me sad) that my students are flabbergasted by the notion of reading for fun.
7) I have done a LOT of reading for fun lately, b/c it keeps me sane

Seven random things about me
1) I have a deviated septum (aka my nose is crooked on the inside)
2) I think there’s a correlation between stress and allergies…the last few years, as my stress level has increased, so has the number of things I’m allergic to
3) The older I get, I prefer books written by women, almost exclusively
4) Teaching is kinda in my family, but just on my mom’s side — my mom is a teacher, my uncle was a principal, my cousin is a teacher, another uncle does subsitute teaching off and on, and that’s it
5) I’ve always thought that if my dad had gone to college, he would’ve made a great history major and then would be one of those cool history professors that everyone tries to idolize. He’d smoke outside the buildings and drink coffee w/ his students, and wear jackets w/ elbow patches and add such a personable view to everything he taught. The man has a mind like an elephant, can talk about anything to anyone and is quite the raconteur. Can you tell I adore him?
6) I’m moving to a new apartment over break
7) This will be the 5th place I’ve lived since 2004 (awesome, huh?…no, not really)


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