Too fast, too fast

I can’t believe that I’m in week two of my holiday break. It’s going too fast. Way too fast. I haven’t even finished writing my To Kill a Mockingbird final for my junior kiddos. Gah!

That being said…I’m having a good break. I moved into a new apartment. I’m on my own again, which in many ways is awesome (in some ways, it’s lonely, but very few). My break has been just right, really. I’ve been social. I moved. I got to have family time and alone time too. And, tomorrow, maybe I’ll get moving on doing some stuff for school. Because I’m really starting to feel bad about all the slacking off I’ve been doing.

Gah! And, don’t even get me started about how UNprepared I am for next quarter/semester. Crapola! Two sections of English 5 and one of English 6…I have to get copies made, and re-configure how I’m going to teach and WHAT I’m going to teach (I’m removing some things and adding some others). Bleagh.


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