A new Quarter, a new Semester, a new Start

[side note: I’m currently watching, on the edge of my seat, the Pack and the Giants play, with a tie score of 20 in the 4th. It’s now gone to overtime. GO PACKERS!]

As it says up above, we’re in a new quarter at my school. We’re on a 4×4 block system, which means new classes for students each quarter. Which means new students for teacher each quarter. This quarter I teach all junior English: two sections of English 5 (aka 1st semester in a normal non-block setting), and one section of English 6 (aka 2nd semester). And, I truly do feel it’s a chance for a do-over.

So far it’s been going well this quarter. We started Monday. I spent all day Monday going over the syllabus, playing get to know you games, and I gave each class a quiz about me. They freaked, but then felt pretty cool when I told them I was only counting it as extra credit.

English 5 is now in the middle of the first act of The Crucible. We talked a bit about the Puritans, read some Bradstreet and Taylor, skipped Jonathan Edwards, and also discussed (very briefly) the idea of the Red Scare/Communism/McCarthyism. I’m trying to decide how I’m going to do the project for the play for this quarter. The way I did it last quarter was way too difficult. This quarter I need a new plan.

English 6 is just getting ready to do the research portion of their research paper. I need to extend the timeline for it, as this is my lunch hour class. What sucks is that we have lunch in the middle of the period, which means less time is able to be spent in the library. Bleagh! However, I guess I get more class time to explain things to them, such as how to properly outline, how to paraphrase, cite sources properly, etc.

[side note addendum: the Pack lost. Dammit]

[side note 2: PBS Masterpiece Theatre is showing all the BBC versions of the Jane Austen movie/novels. Tonight is Northanger Abbey]

I like my students this quarter. However, I got really attached to my students last quarter. Appropriately of course. I told my supervisor that the 2 hours/blocks I have extra desks open during the state writing assessment, I want these particular kiddos to come take it with me. As they currently don’t have an English class, they’ll need to be pulled from one of their classes anyway, so they can be pulled to come take it with me. Whoo hoo!

Alright, back to watching Jane Austen. Someday, I’ll be able to teach a class that focuses on her. *sigh*


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