Thoughts on a Saturday

I just realized my blog’s title is very apt — for both the students and myself. Adults (and I would consider myself an “adult” right now, finger quotes included) are kidding themselves if they don’t think they can learn anything from teenagers. Teenagers just need to stop being so stubborn sometimes and realize that what we adults have to teach them is also valuable. Anyway…

I’m at school right now, putting grades in the gradebook. I hate this. It brings up such a feeling of frustration b/c it’s a physical representation of how LITTLE some of my students do. I have one student who actually comes just once a week. He’s got a zero percent in my class right now. An actual zero. How can I assess or grade anything when you’re not here? Let alone try to teach you anything?! However, there are other students at the opposite end of the spectrum. They’re here every day. They are working hard and also genuinely seem to like me (my mom’s boss/principal says that if a student can tell that you care, then they will care and will work for you. I totally agree).

I just realized it’s 10:30 and I have to go downstairs to do crowd control for basketball. Whoopee! I’m going to grade while I’m there. Fun stuff eh?

Ah yes…the exciting social life of a high school teacher…


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