Thank goodness for Panera

I’m currently at the one in my “neighborhood” using their free Wi-Fi. We didn’t have school today, making it 3 days in a row that I haven’t seen my students. Monday was a US holiday, yesterday we had an inservice (we had meetings, but no students) and today they deemed too cold to go to school. We have a LOT of kids who take busses from various places in the city to their schools (particularly middle and high school kids), and they deemed that below zero temps were too cold to have kids wait outside for the bus. Can’t say that I’m complaining — I got to get up at 10 this morning.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like my job and my students, but in all actuality, I was NOT ready to teach today. I’m hoping that after a brief respite on the internet I can get down to business.

**side note, I think that there is a big group of med school students behind me, b/c they keep talking about medical related junk — ailments, diseases, etc.

My to do list — 1) Finish grading my Crucible final tests (most of them did really well — we’ll see how their essays are). 2) Read/score my students’ rough drafts of their research papers. Out of a class of 22, I have 8 rough drafts. 11 students didn’t turn one in and 3 students have been skipping class for most of the quarter. Speaking of, I’m going to check my district email to see if I have any emails from my “slackers” as to where their rough drafts are. I suppose I’ll have to extend their due date. They’re NOT going to be able to get their rough drafts back tomorrow, and have them ready as final drafts on Friday. *sigh* 3) Figure out for sure which short stories and poems we’re reading next, before we finish up the quarter with Mice and Men (for my 2nd/4th block classes). 4) Make sure I have To Kill a Mockingbird all mapped out. 5) Figure out what I’m going to do w/ my one student in 4th block.

This student — oh, I adore him. Not in any way that’s inappropriate obviously, but I’m just so excited he’s in my class. He’s a former dropout who’s dropped back in– told me that he didn’t think Burger King was in his permanent future b/c he wants to do more with himself. He’s an AMAZING writer, who showed me some of his poems. So, I let him borrow a book of SLAM poetry. Anyway, he’s read all of the stuff we’re doing in class, so I told him that if he played along in class, I’d assign him other stuff and I’d test him over that stuff instead. Now, I just need to find the other stuff for him.

Well, I have a bunch more stuff to do online and my plan is to grade/score my research papers while I’m here. They’re not going to get done at home, so hopefully I’ll be productive surrounded by the smells of bread and coffee.


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