Last Quarter — Last Chance

My students this quarter seem good. Really good. I have a section of “Last Chance” English (aka credit recovery) that’s 9 boys and 3 girls and they’re a QUIET class. Further proof that more often than not, girls are the ones who talk incessantly in class.

[Side note: I wanted to walk to the bar/pub w/ my brother this afternoon for St. Patty’s day. It’s been raining all day. I don’t want to walk the several blocks in the rain. Bleagh]

My other classes this quarter are 2 sections of Junior English where the primary focus is the research paper. I’m NOT excited by that, just b/c it’s been such a disappointment all year. I try to keep my hopes and expectations up, but then I just get disappointed all over again.

I might get to work on curriculum for a Women’s Lit class for next year. EEH!

I’m teaching the Hobbit this quarter in credit recovery. I’m SO excited! I freakin LOVE this book! I’d forgotten how much!


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