home stretch

My seniors have just 10 days of school left. Oy. This is NOT much time. It’s not enough time to get done with what I wanted to get done. I can’t believe the school year is almost over. It’s completely FLOWN by, especially this second semester. Wowzers.

I’ve signed up to help write curriculum over the summer — that should be good for me. Help ME get organized, while also being beneficial for the district. The extra pay will be nice too.

We’ve been working on speeches in junior English. I heard three atrocious ones today. However, I’m SO used to judging at the college level that sometimes I know that clouds my judgment (in that I expect a lot). However, I heard some fairly decent ones in my second class today (refreshing).

As teachers, we do a lot of talking. We talk TO our students, we talk ABOUT them (let’s not kid ourselves here), we talk to parents, administrators, etc. I’d like to say that I avoid talking about my students in a negative manner, but sometimes it happens. The “talk” about me in the school is that I’m sarcastic. I try to work on that as well, but that’s a habit I’ve been trying to break since 5th grade. It hasn’t happened yet. I try to talk in a positive manner to my students as much as possible, but sometimes it isn’t possible. I find reprimanding in a calm/level voice, with a lack of sarcasm, to be very difficult for me. I know I need to fix that.

Any suggestions?


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