Tuesday Contemplation

There are some students (you all know this) that you just can’t help but love. Really. Some you love because they’re wonderful students who do their work, participate in class, and just really are the type of students (and kids) everyone hopes for in their classes. Some you love in spite of themselves (in terms of their performance). Some you love because you have a feeling no one else in their life does (those are the saddest — breaks my heart).

But, at the same time, there are students that it’s hard to have warm feelings towards/about. Students who try everything to piss you off, but don’t try to DO anything in class. Students who don’t bother even to show up (how can you love, let alone teach, someone you don’t know?). Students whose existence seems destined to try your patience and use up oxygen. Those students can be personal challenges. Sometimes you succeed…even if it’s just a small success. Sometimes you don’t. It’s the times I don’t that get me.

I know this is only my first year. And, I had a lot more failing students than I had while student teaching (different district, different vibe, different level of parent involvement/apathy, MANY different things). I don’t want to be complacent about it though.

I’m already thinking about next year. Which is good, but yet, I also feel as if I’ve given up for the year (which is sucky…I need to plan for my own spring fever, apparently).

What kinds of things do you think about at the end of the day?


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