Say what you will about standardized tests (and I am among the nay-sayers many times), but the district, the state and our president think they’re important. They may not always accurately measure student skills/abilities/intelligence, but yet they do paint a picture of those same things. Anyway…

We got our results back from the state regarding our state writing assessment. My students did pretty well. It’s a study of junior-level students and their writing based on a prompt. Out of 67 of my students, only 4 of them didn’t score proficient according to the state scorers. I’m SO proud of my students. I made a big poster of “Rockstar Writers” and hung it up in the hall, letting everyone know who passed.

Some of my students (sophomores by credit, juniors by age) wondered why they didn’t pass (i.e. they’re not on the poster)…I had to remind them they didn’t take it for the state, they just took it for me. They’ll take it next year.

Again, I know some of this state testing stuff is arbitrary and downright silly, but these scores matter to the powers that be. So, in that sense, they matter to me…I think one of my performance goals was tied to how many passed. My percentage is 94%. Woot woot!


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