Things I’ve learned

This will probably be a multi-part post b/c time is at a premium lately.

1) Organization is my bestest friend — as a new teacher there were many times that I wasn’t organized. Some were b/c I didn’t attempt it, others were b/c I had to change things on the fly. Still others were because I don’t come by it naturally and it’s something I really need to work on. I need to develop a system to handle student work. I need to develop a system to keep things filed related to worksheets, tests etc (like, copies that haven’t been used).
**note: I am working on curriculum writing over the summer. Our district got new text books, so we need to revamp some stuff. It’s been going really well so far AND I think it will help me immensely in the organization department.

2) The research paper sucks — I know that this is a skill students need to have (both the research and the writing aspects of it). However, this project sucks my will to live each quarter I have to do it. What’s more is that this next year I’m going to have to find a way to teach it at the same time I teach literature related material. I think I’ll just extend the timeline for it. I just wish I knew a better way to make it easier for my students. I want them all to complete it. I want them all to learn just as much about the PROCESS involved as the MECHANICS and the WRITING. (Mechanics being the different components: outline, citations, etc).

3) Classroom discipline — I hate having to raise my voice to get their attention. I’ve noticed that I don’t have to do it in all classes, just some. But, I’d like to avoid it as much as possible (wouldn’t we all). That’s why I’m hoping reading the book club selection with the group Frumteacher is starting will help.


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