Big Brother might be watching

For the first time since I’ve started with my district, I had a bit of a snafu trying to log in. The situation was fixed when I hit my browser back button, but…I feel as if someone is watching me.

I don’t feel as if my blog is overly negative. I don’t feel as if I’m negative about coworkers or students, in the grand scheme of things. I use this as a sounding board — both to get my ideas out of my head, but also to get feedback and suggestions from my fellow bloggers (i.e. you guys).

Currently, I can’t access livejournal or typepad blogs at all from our district computers. They’re blocked. Many other times when I’ve tried to search for stuff for school online, I get a blocked message b/c whatever I’m looking for is a weblog.

I understand having to block certain sites, for the students’ sakes, and sometimes even for the teachers’ sakes (is that right? sakes? oh well), but seriously? I could be finding even more handy dandy uber wonderful things to use/try in the classroom, but I’m blocked out.

That irks me.


Back to the topic of my seniors. Senior English is Brit Lit with some World Lit thrown in for good measure. I was talking to my supervisor/curriculum head and she said that a lot of teachers teach 2 Shakespeare plays (I’m thinking MacBeth and Hamlet), and then some books. Some suggestions were Night, Brave New World, 1984, Lord of the Flies etc. While talking with her, I remarked that a theme of power (who has it, who wants it, why it corrupts and can be dangerous, etc) would be a nice thing to focus on for the class with those selections. We’ll see. I’d like to find some poetry and short stories too. I definitely want to teach “Harrison Bergeron” by Vonnegut (I know he’s not either Brit or World Lit, but…) and some other thought-provoking works.

So…I’ve got s’more reading to do. Wasn’t I just at this point a year ago? *sigh*


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