Lesson Planning

For several weeks now I’ve been trying to develop lesson plans, content, assessment(s) etc for lessons surrounding the time in our history when USA was becoming USA (and leaving behind the label of the Colonies). While I think it’s important to look at it historically, I’m an ENGLISH teacher, and I’m trying to primarily focus on the literature/writing of that era.

So…I’m trying to make lessons for things like the Speech to the Virginia Convention, Crisis No. 1, and the Declaration of Independence.

I need to write 10 lessons for a 45 minute period. I personally teach at a school where we have a 4-period day with 90 minute periods (yup, the block. And, we’re 4×4 too, so I have my kids for just a semester and then I get new kids second semester to repeat the process). Trying to train my brain to focus on writing for such a small block of time has been immensely difficult. I’m trying to find enough stuff to fill 10 days, but yet realizing that I can’t have a different thing each day b/c 45 minutes is such a short period of time!

For my own planning, I would focus just one week. I’d choose Patrick Henry, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, Star Spangled Banner, and toss in some Abigail Adams and the Declaration of Women’s Sentiments too (always the feminist).

However, this last year, I didn’t teach ANY of this stuff. I rolled right by it, b/c I was just trying to keep my head above the proverbial water.

This summer I signed on for curriculum writing. We adopted new textbooks for the district and so that meant coming up with pacing guides, a direction for the junior English classes using the new book, and then six weeks of lesson plans for newbie teachers who feel like I felt last year. [I like to think that b/c I was so communicative with our district English Supervisor about my level of lost-ness that those 6 wks of plans are b/c of me]

So, I’m trying to finish my curriculum writing. I have 1 week done. I need to do/write week 2 TONIGHT and have it ready to turn in TOMORROW.


The assessment part is the hardest…the textbook comes with a cd-rom that you can make tests, print worksheets from, etc. However, I guess my problem is that I don’t feel like I have enough time now to create my OWN quizzes, but don’t want to take exactly from the worksheets the questions for the quizzes.

Do you see my dilemma?

Oh, junior English, this might be another helluva ride this year.


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