Some place to call my own

Last year, as a first year teacher (a noob, as my fellow first year teacher, McL, called me often), I was LUCKY. I had my own room. I only shared it w/ McL for half the year, and then the second half of the year, it was MINE, all mine!

Next year, I am NOT as lucky. And, I can’t pretend it doesn’t irritate me. Not that I deserve it as far as years of service or being the coolest teacher, or what not. It’s just a HASSLE to have to travel.

Next year I will be in 4 rooms, by the time the year is over. I go from 216 1st block, to 108 for 3rd and 4th blocks. Then second semester I’m in 208 for 1st and 2nd blocks and 209 for 4th block. *sigh*

Besides the obvious crappiness of having to transfer back and forth between rooms, really what I’m upset about are two things: a) I can’t decorate or put posters up the way I want and 2) I can’t keep any of my STUFF anywhere but in my cubicle (yeah, no office, we just have a cube farm). So, all my markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, etc, are crowding my desk area. Bleagh.

Ok, but enough whining (for today). I have stuff to do.


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