ups and downs

Down — one of my rooms for this next year is TINY — it just barely fits 21 desks. At one point in the year, however, I’m scheduled to have 25 students in there. How is THAT going to work?

Up — I really like one of my new co-workers, C. She seems fun. And, we have homeroom together. That will be entertaining — probably moreso for the students than anything.

Down — I am going to re-write my syllabus. I HATE trying to do this b/c I’m never sure exactly what I want it to say or look like. Bleagh. Such a hard process. Such a pain in the rear.

Up — Since I joined the gym this summer, I feel better about myself. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but I’ve lost some.

Down — I’m even more all over the place, in terms of rooms I’m teaching in — this year. My 2nd semester schedule changed. That frustrates me.

Up — I have a pretty good idea of what I want to teach this year.

Down — I don’t have any concrete things figured out as far as starting.

Up — I made room in my file cabinet b/c I ditched some stuff off on other people

Down — I still have a MASSIVE reorganization project to do. I need to get my butt up out of bed tomorrow and do that. Then, hit the gym w/ my trainer at 3 and then hit the wedding I’m going to at 6.

Up — I feel positive about this year.

Down — I’m going to feel like a chicken w/ no head for a few weeks, I can just tell. YIPES!

Up — I have lots of ideas for this year.

Down — I can’t get into my Google Docs at school b/c our district web people blocked it. They BLOCKED GOOGLE DOCS. Are they stupid? What the hell are they hoping to accomplish there? *sigh*

Oy, I should go…it’s cold in here and I’m hungry. I can’t believe it’s already 5:30. I can’t believe we start meetings next week. I can’t believe the summer is almost over. *sigh*


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