Second Day musings

My seniors are going to be my favorite class this year — I can tell. They’re bright, they’re fun and they behave in class. I know part of it is b/c it’s first block and they’re perhaps half asleep, but…we got through SO much today. It totally negated the feeling of ick I had from having just a 30 minute class yesterday. We recovered the ground we’d lost, and quickly. It helps that I have some of my favorite students from my junior classes last year in my class. 🙂

The jury is still out on my juniors. That is partly b/c I still have to get to know them. They seem pretty good. I have a few talkers (boys) that might be an issue, but…so far so good. I had regular-length class with them yesterday (the afternoon blocks weren’t shortened), so it was kind of nice to see how the 90 minutes would play out with each class. I have two students (one in each class) who are repeat offenders. As in, they had me last year and they have me for the same level English this year. *sigh* Hopefully they learned their lesson, have had their “come to Jesus” moment and will do better this year.

One of the things I’m going to try to focus on is READING and reading strategies. We got such pitiful reading scores on our last round of standardized tests. So, yesterday I gave a reading interest survey. The majority of the students said they do NOT like to read in their spare time (*sniff*), and some of them even said they don’t think reading is important! (*GASP*) I think I’ll have my work cut out for me. I’ve been reading When Kids Can’t Read by Kylene Beers this summer. It’s a great book — full of suggestions and you can tell she really has been in the classroom. That’s one of my pet peeves when it comes to teaching books — some of the ideas sound so good in theory, but they just feel like their creator wasn’t ever a teacher. Or, if they were, it wasn’t for very long. How can their ideas work if they haven’t been there? Dr. Beers has BEEN THERE.

Well, I need to actually use my plan time to PLAN. Oy.


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