Friday night, feels alright

At least Friday night isn’t for fighting (or whatever that old Elton John song says…).

My freshmen cheer girls had their first public exposure tonight — JV vs. Varsity football scrimmage. Overall, they were pretty good. The drama w/ some of them (I’m pissy; I’m pouty; I’m over-sensitive) is going to work my nerves, but…I’m determined to be positive and encouraging with them. I may have to pull a few girls aside. My big surprise came this evening when there was a girl who was there to cheer who I a) haven’t met yet b/c b) she hasn’t been at practices (that I’ve seen).

One thing on me — I need to take a more active role. It’s going to suck, timewise, but I think that in order to be a good coach, I mainly need to be PRESENT. And, I need to take charge.


Onto other business…the honeymoon period is over w/ my lunch block class. They’re naughty. Three of them already have detentions. Two of those are for tardies — DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! I tell ya…some of these kids just don’t seem to get it. Or care. However, for all the kids who are naughty, I have others who make up for them. 🙂

I feel more confident in my teaching this year. I’m more confident in front of the class — sooner that is. Last year it felt like it took me awhile to get my feet under me. This year I feel better — particularly w/ my seniors (I have about half of them that I know from having them in classes last year — very nice). However, I still feel like I have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to instruction. I’m questioning myself hardcore about that this year — since our reading scores are so pitiful, I’d like to work to fix that. However, I was never trained/taught how to…maybe I need to see if there are some workshops I can go to. Not that I enjoy having to plan for a sub, but if it’ll help my students learn how to read better…I’m all for it.

I have another set of twins this year too. I had an identical pair of girls last year, in the same class. I finally just started referring to them by their last name. This year, it’s a boy and a girl and they’re in different classes. They don’t seem like they are nearly as close. I think brothers and sisters pairs just relate so differently to each other, compared to brothers and brothers or sisters and sisters. If I EVER went back to school to work on a comm degree, I’d study sibling communication. It’s so fascinating to me how siblings interact. I think they can be some of the MOST complex relationships in the world.

Oy, ok, I really do need to get home. I feel kinda lame for being still at school at 8:30 on a Friday night.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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