I have SO much to do this weekend for school — it’s kinda sad. I’m really hoping the building is open tomorrow. I have no idea who to call to ask though. Anyway, if the building is open, then I hope to clear up my desk (it exploded and I’ve been so crazed, I haven’t bothered to try to stay organized).

I need to prep for The Crucible (juniors) and The Canterbury Tales (seniors). I need to print out log sheets for checking notes (ugh) for both classes. I need to write a test for Beowulf. I need to re-think how I’m going to teach what I just taught these first two weeks (in my junior class) (I think it’s important, but boring, and well…that’s what I’m going to talk to my colleague about in a little bit). Hopefully she shows up.


I can’t believe we’re heading into week THREE of the year/quarter. I have SO much left to teach/assess. I just gave a district mandated listening test Thursday — most did not reach the desired score level. I have 4 more district mandated tests to give in the next 6 weeks. Whoo, fun! (I did get a good idea for one from my friend who just moved out of town to teach drama at the high school level).

To top this all off, I’m running on 4 hours of sleep due to a crazy ass Saturday!


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