Post 67

Once upon a time, I was a good blogger. Actually, once upon a time, I was a GREAT blogger. This was before I began this blog, to be truthful. It was before I got wrapped up in teaching and everything else. It was the year 2005, to be specific. (Maybe even 2004). It was a few blog servers/providers ago, and I can’t help but think today (not sure why) about how much things have changed.

My old job/career, I sat at a desk for most of the day. I was glued to the internet and many times had nothing better to do than be online. When online I did a gazillion things, none of which were horribly important. I would MySpace while making phone calls. I would blog (incessantly — apparently I thought I was really interesting back then) while making phone calls. I would avoid paperwork to be online.

Now, I have a job where I don’t have that kind of time. But, I’m happier. My job feels much more important to me, in my heart. It’s a frustrating job, but yet I’m convinced most days (9 out of 10?) that what I’m doing matters. And, when it comes to days like today, I feel like I rock!


Today, in my junior English class, we finally began talking about the Puritans. I still might go back to teaching that first. I’m so much more comfortable with teaching it — I know it better. I feel like today I was a good teacher. I knew my stuff, and while there was a lot of talking, today it was actually about the material we were discussing. My lunch class with my juniors — well, let’s say that hasn’t felt like that much yet this year.

Meanwhile, in my class of seniors, I gave a test. I think it went well. I think (I hope) it was pretty easy. I tend to, for most Multiple Choice questions, put at least one silly ridiculous answer as an option. For example — Beowulf and his men were greeted by a) a Wal-Mart greeter…haha. I think I’m funny and that’s what matters, right?

I have so much grading I need to do. And, I need to assign another essay. I want my kids to get used to writing. However, I think I need to do some modeling first. Bleagh.


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