Two of my seniors in my beloved senior class today were SO mouthy with me! We’re reading Chaucer right now and one of them called it “retarded” and the other said it was pointless to read it. What’s crappy is that if they were trying, then maybe they would have understood at least a LITTLE bit of it. But, I think they gave up on Chaucer last week. Sad for them — we’re reading another part of Canterbury Tales for the next few days.

I’m just frustrated with the male half of the species today in general. My social life, men-wise, has been aggravating. I’m all flustered by certain events and it’s irritating. Sometimes I just think I shouldn’t bother — men only cause complications anyway and that distracts me from work.

And boys at school, in my class, are such a pain in my ass sometimes! GAH!

Oh, and nevermind the fact that two of my lil freshmen cheer girls are (essentially) being sexually harrassed by boys here at this school. Effing miscreants!


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