Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday I was super grouchy when I posted.
Today I’m feeling more hopeful. I am especially excited to get started on MacBeth (in a week-ish) b/c I hope that I can make it more accessible. The storyline is — I’m just afraid they’ll be scared off by the language.

Yesterday, after school, I all the sudden became really hyper and full of energy — I’m blaming Pink’s new song.
Today, after school, I hope I have a repeat. I’ve got cheer practice again and need to hit the gym.

Yesterday, I told myself I was going to get to that grading I’ve been putting off. Instead, I kept re-reading old diaries (from my early 20s this time). It’s nice to see how far I’ve come, but it’s NOT productive!
Today, I hope that I can finally get myself on track and grade some stuff. Oy!

Yesterday was Monday.
Today is Tuesday. Neither day is really my favorite.

And, I think I’m done with the dichotomy for today’s post.

The Crucible seems to be going very well w/ my juniors. This grade seems to be more intrigued by nutty Abigail Williams, her illicit affair and subsequent obsession with John Proctor. Either a) this grade is just more interested or b) I’m just better at teaching it this year. I’ll take either, really today. I’m feeling the drag of my 4.5 hours of sleep start to catch up to me.

We started “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue” today from Canterbury Tales with my seniors. This one seems to interest them more. However, I haven’t read it yet before (big mistake, silly teacher, eh?), so it’s making explaining a bit more difficult. I’m doing it on the fly. But, I think that it’s good for me, b/c it forces me to think on my feet and to use my good reading skills in front of them. Now, if only I could verbalize/model my thought process while reading. *sigh*

Oh, and speaking of my seniors. Two of them have decided they’re going to look for and find me a man. Yup. This should be interesting…


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