Wordy Wordy Wordy

Apparently, this month, I have a lot to say. Hopefully I keep this trend of uber-posting up throughout the year.

Last night I got to show off my mad valley girl skills at cheer practice. We had them do a cheer, but as a stereotypical preppy valley girl cheerleader. So, I got to show off my valley personality. It was actually a lot of fun. But, it zapped some of my energy. I was not busting my butt as hard at the gym after. I did go however; I get props for that, right?

There were 2 big developments in my junior classes today. 1) I bribed my notorious 4th block with the promise of a bag of Hot Cheetos (I accidently bought them at Walgreens this morning and I think they’re nasty), to the person who was the quietest before lunch. I rewarded a kid who’s usually one of the ringleaders of the trouble in class. Then, after class, kids who continued to follow expectations got to pick out an “icky” plastic bug from the bag o bugs I bought. I did the bug thing in class 5th block too.
2)I have put the fear of God (or at least failing grades) in my students’ minds. I showed them that I have a lot of assignments that people have not turned in (I did it that I have like, 15 out of 20 students who’ve turned this in) and showed it in a chart that I made (just a table in MWord). I told them that I have a few repeat offenders who are not turning things in to me. I showed them that the assignments recently add up to almost 200 points and if you don’t turn them in, then look how negatively that will affect your grade in the class. It was quieter during that discussion (in both 4th and 5th blocks) than I’ve heard it since the beginning of the year. *sigh*

I wish I didn’t have to resort to scare tactics. I wish my students just knew/felt they need to turn in homework. But, alas, alack…not so much. The sense of fear that I had as a student regarding missing work is missing in SO many of my students. It’s just one of the many things about students today I don’t understand.

However, there are several things I do. I feel lucky that I remember, vividly, my own teenage years. I think it helps that I keep re-reading my old journals from them, every few years. Those things really spark my memory about what life is like back then (at least, from the viewpoint of a teenage girl).


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