Two of Two — assorted musings

Check out this article, all you teacher bloggers out there — it was an interesting blip to read. Sometimes I wonder — do any of my colleagues have any idea that I blog? I know I have friends who know (particularly those in other states; it feels safer that way), but what about people here?

Things have been crazy at my school lately. I have a cheerleader suspended for bullying (of the cyber variety). A JV cheerleader was suspended for fighting (dur). The teacher I share a room with — some of his students found a knife in there this morning. For some reason it just seems like this school year is on this weird track with strange/negative/scary things going on, and I can’t shake that feeling.

I thought that as a second-year teacher, I’d feel more secure about my teaching. That I’d be more confident and in control in the classroom. That I’d figure out a good organizational system. I still feel very much like I’m trying to get my feet under me. Grading keeps swallowing me whole. Cheerleading zaps my energy (but, since I’m not the head sponsor, I don’t have nearly the stressors with that!). I barely make it to the gym, and the lack of endorphins leads to more stress and more feeling yucky, emotionally/mentally. I feel sometimes like I’m just battling my students for control (though it IS better than last year). And, even though I feel like I’m so often on “beast mode” (as my students call it — love being compared to some video game thing), my 4th block (my bad class) seems to like me. It’s weird. In particular — I had one kid yesterday who kept asking why I had to give him detentions for tardies when we’re “homies”. Right. The other example is the kid who keeps referring to me as Mrs. His Last Name. Sorry no, I do NOT think so. Ick!!!!!

There’s been no obit on my student — that’s both weird and frustrating.

I feel like I’m doing the world’s crappiest job teaching Macbeth. This is my new prep this year (and very new, as I’m fairly unfamiliar with Brit Lit). It doesn’t help I have people who are reluctant (putting it mildly) to read out loud. We had 5 of my 18 gone yesterday. No one wanted to pick up the slack and read for people who were missing (we have assigned volunteer parts for each act). So, I told them all to read out loud. I do SO MUCH BETTER when we’re reading out loud and I can stop them and explain and then have them carry onward. So far, instead, they’ve been reading the majority of Macbeth on their own. That does not feel effective to me — it feels like we all have disconnect. I believe plays, particularly, need to be a big group learning experience. Hard when no one will read out loud in class though. *sigh* Any suggestions on how to make up for that — any tricks to make the in class discussions more productive and meaningful? GAH!


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