1st Quarter Crunch

Grades are due next Friday (the 17th) at 4pm. I have two more district required tests to administer before then, not to mention that I have to write/create a final and give that to them too. I’m going to try to give a test using the Scantron machine. I haven’t done that yet this year (or last year either). We’ll see how well that works… *SIGH*

Did I mention that I have a ton of OTHER grading to do. AND…I need to drop some grades (like, delete the assignments from the gradebook) and add others in, in an attempt to get more of my kids in the passing range. The know the majority of the material, but jeezus, they were craptastic at turning in homework. I’m afraid that next quarter, when we begin/do the big research paper that it will kill them (and me!). Yikes.

Well, I’d better move on from this and do something else…


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