Oh S&$%

What do you do, when your students (who are doing the research paper) don’t know how to do research? Like, actually don’t know how to search, or can’t come up with search terms (at least not anything that’s specific or related to their topic) or determine what makes a valid/credible website. Don’t understand the concept of what a source is. I thought I’d made things as step by step as I could. But, each successive class seems more basic than the class previous, and I have to keep dumbing it down and pulling it apart and …dammit, when you’re an abstract random, big picture thinker like me, that’s effing HARD! I envision the final product and then know (sometimesly instinctively, sometimes by trial and error) what I need to get there. It’s worked well for me. Until now. This research paper project makes me want to drink. Or sleep. Or bury my head in the sand.

I’m afraid of how many people are going to fail.

I asked one kid today (this is his third time through this particular English class; I’m his third teacher) why he came to my class every day if all he was going to do is sleep? I told him if he is making the choice to do that, then he is making the choice to fail. And, don’t come to me in a few weeks begging for makeup work, because that’s NOT going to cut it and I’m not going to feel the least bit sorry for him. I’ll help him now if he wants the help and is willing to do the work, but if not, then it’s your funeral baby — here’s the shovel. Start digging.

God effing dammit. Shit.


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