Overage and Coverage

Do any of you out there have to do this? What I mean by this is that you’re asked to cover part (or all) of a class during your assigned planning time? We are here — we’re paid an overage for doing so, obviously, but, in many ways, it’s a big hassle.

I had to cover for another teacher today. I was supposed to cover for half the class (we have 90 minute blocks) and then another teacher was supposed to take the other half. Well, the other teacher didn’t show. Thankfully, one of my colleagues (who has a student teacher this quarter and so, has a little bit more time on her hands), volunteered to cover the rest of the block so I could have SOME plan time today.



We are off and running with the junior research paper. Another due date today — 30 notecards in to me, so I can see if they’re doing them correctly. I’m wondering how many of them will just do their 30 notecards and quit. That won’t be enough to finish their paper properly — but, they’ll (hopefully) figure that out.

I tried to explain how to synthesize information (along with citing/quoting sources, etc) yesterday. They did NOT get it. *double sigh*. I’m wondering if there’s a better way or an easier way, or another way to try to explain that concept to them.

I need to remind them about a GAZILLION things today! And, my slow class (both in speed of work they get finished and in perceived intelligence) didn’t even GET to any of the notes I had about citing and quoting yesterday. Sigh.

Well, time to teach that very group. Woot woot!


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