Phone calls home

These feel, many times, like the bane of my existence. (Yes, I deal heavily in hyperbole. It is my language of choice.) Anyway…I have to make 15 phone calls home to the parents/guardians of my juniors this week. Those 15 calls?–yup, discussing students’ failing status. This is due to the no-late work policy I have for my junior research paper. I have a built-in amount of “gimme” points each week. If you’re working and you’re there, then you get 25 points. However, many of my students manage to lose 5 points or more per week. My lovely slacker? He’s got a 10% for the class right now, b/c he’d rather sleep or read magazines or do ANYTHING than what he needs to, in order to write this paper and pass this class.

I haven’t even updated my seniors’ grades yet. What I do know is that I’ve got one student who took advantage of the extra credit offered and currently has a 117%. Yeah, I think he can afford to skip an assignment or two. Ooh, that reminds me, I have to find an assignment from his BFF in that class — apparently a sub put it on my desk. Alarming, as it’s kinda the Bermuda Triangle of desks. *sigh*

I wonder how many phone calls to senior parents I’ll be making.

Good thing I’m planning to make a few good calls — i.e., kids who are just great to have in class, for one reason or another.


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