Sometimes I just wanna…

* Call students nasty names, to their faces, based on their behavior. Case in point…
I had a run-in with a snotty student during my last block class today. She’s in a colleague’s English class and both of us were in the library due to the junior research paper. Long story short, she was breaking a school rule and when I called her out on it, she was a snot to me like I was crazy for even saying something to her about it.

*Smack students upside the heads, HARD, for the dumbass stuff they do. Case in point…
My lovely male student whose paper on STDs reads more like a how-to instructional on safe-sex and condom use. His last line? “don’t be silly, wrap your…” you get the picture.

*Scream the f word at the top of my lungs. Case in point…
Any time I’m supremely frustrated with student antics, administrative specialness, etc. I have a student who will miss the month of November for a medical issue. What the hell do I do with a student who misses a month of class? I can’t teach that via homework sent home. For chrissake!
Second case in point, I’m supposed to get a new student today — we’re handing in the final draft of the beloved research paper on Tuesday next week! Goldanggit!


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