Silly me — I did not know it was too much for me to ask/expect of them to be quiet during things like their bellwork and TESTS. The tests thing really gets to me, moreso than anything else. They tell me “we can’t be quiet for 90 minutes straight!”. Hello, your class is split in half by lunch! That is NOT 90 minutes straight of being quiet. Plus, half the time we waste those 90 minutes because I’m trying to police all ya’ll from acting like idiots and killing each other.

I did not know that it was too much to ask for them to complete their work as well. That giving them 4 weeks was not long enough for a paper that’s 3 to 5 pages in length. Yes, many of those days within those 4 weeks were spent learning the process (you’d be surprised how many of my students thought Google is a SOURCE), learning how to disseminate information, and how to synthesize it (I’d like my 3 to 5 pages please, but I don’t want 3 to 5 pages of unorganized crap). But still, you can’t write a 3 to 5 page paper in 4 weeks, especially given the fact that for 2 of those weeks we were in the library for all 90 minutes of class (save one day), and the other 2 weeks we had 45 minutes of class in the library — EACH DAY. Thats 900 minutes + 405 minutes = 1305 minutes of classtime I allotted for my students to write their papers. Not to mention weekends.

And they wonder why I’m hardly ever in a good mood when I’m teaching them. DUH.


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