7 (perhaps) random things

So, the point of the following meme is to list 7 random things about myself. Normally I’m not very good about this. But, we’ll see how it goes. Several bloggy-ers have been doing this. Do it if you want to, as well.

1) I used to work at Walgreens (I’ve worked there on & off, part-time since college.) and one day when I was at work — Gabrielle Union came through…the line of my coworker. It was really sad — my coworker didn’t know who she was. My almost brush with celebrity (that was actually random).

2) My punishment for multiple tardies to my 3rd period Biology class my sophomore year (3rd block was right after homeroom — that’s when I timed for my bathroom break. And the halls were crowded) was to wash beakers and other glassware for the science department. I kinda like that idea for detentions — manual labor no one would volunteer to do normally.

3) I don’t know why I’m addicted to writing (and probably talking) with parentheses.

4) I can boast that I used to go drinking with the Lt. Governor of my state. Not that he remembers that (just b/c it was a long time ago), but it’s still kinda cool.

5) My apartment is so warm that even though it’s been in the 20s, temperature-wise, I haven’t turned the heat on yet. In the summer, this sucks — my bill for A/C was $90+. Bleagh.

6) I use personal examples about things/events/stuff when teaching my students ALL. THE. TIME.

7) I think I’m a month behind on my grading. Craptastic.


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