It’ll have to do…

So, since I can’t log on, nor check comments from my school, I’ll have to be creative. Thus, emailing in my posts.

I’m at school right now, b/c I promised my co-worker I’d clean out my cubicle over break. This is important b/c our cubicles share space — our backs are to each other. My stuff from my cubicle is encroaching on his space. I’d feel worse about it IF I had my own room. However, I don’t.

Have I complained about the fact I have THREE DIFFERENT rooms this coming semester. Yupperoonie. Too exciting.

I also have to get things in order so I can submit grades right away next Monday when we have our work day. Fun fun. Last night I had one, maybe two, dreams about not being ready to input grades. Oy — do any of you find it hard to get school out of your head?

I was told by a friend to "step away from the schoolwork" over break, but…I’ve had plenty of days already where I’ve done NOTHING. And, I have lots to do — I’d rather use my break to do things, than come back to our work day and feel so rushed and stressed. *sigh* And, of course, I’ve lost my to-do list that I made the other day. Yup, my friends, I’m a disorganized mess. On that note — I should get to work cleaning this mess up while I’m here.

Hope your breaks continue to go well. šŸ™‚


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