First Week

So, the first week of the semester is almost finished. I teach one more class for today & then WOOT — yay weekend!

I’m a bit behind on grading, but I’ll get it done. I’m more worried about getting these kids’ writing scores up to snuff. Oy. We’re having individual conferences on Monday in class to discuss their practice assessments from November. I hope that I get through everyone. I have a feeling it will take me awhile.

I think I have 3 pretty good groups of students this quarter/semester. Hooray for that. I have big groups (25+ juniors in each class) this time around, which is ok. If they keep behaving, things will be fine. However, I have to call about sleepy students today after — I HATE making parent phone calls. Bleagh.

Hope everyone has had a good week, whether or not it was your first week back from break, or not.


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