Group Work

Currently, my 1st block is supposed to be doing several things, within a group. 1) Creating a KWL chart of Slavery & the Civil War 2) Reading information, an excerpt, and completing questions at the end. I just had to go around and prod them into action regarding getting their reading started. Oy. I want to do different things in class related to their reading. I don’t want each day to be a case of either A) I read to them out loud or B) the cd reads to them out loud. I want them to read on their own, read in groups, popcorn read, etc. That’s the way to do it, right?
So far my classes are a good group of students this quarter. I hope it stays that way. I’ve got more SpEd kids this quarter, which is proving to be difficult. What’s really frustrating is that the IEP holders are sometimes slow in getting the information to the teachers related to students’ issues covered by the IEP. *sigh*
I’ve instituted a few new policies this quarter too. No gum. No bathroom passes (they’ve got a 7 minute passing period between each class, a 15 minute homeroom that’s really kind of pointless, and a 30 minute lunch). Only 1 week to turn in late work.
We’ll see how this quarter goes…


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