So, I’m going to teach To Kill a Mockingbird again. I haven’t taught it since last spring (even though I’m on the 4×4 block). I’m trying to approach this book and teaching this book differently than I have other books. Particularly, I’m trying to think of things in terms of Backwards Design (which I haven’t had any training on ever, but the more I read about it, it makes total sense). For those of you who are shaking your heads at me — please remember: this IS just my 2nd year of teaching, and I’m still figuring out (all the time) what the hell I’m doing.
Speaking of learning new things…I’m going to be teaching/facilitating my school’s after school credit recovery program beginning today. It’s a sophomore level class and it’s run all through computers and online. It should be interesting, to say the least. Even though it’s run online, I still have to a) be there b) grade all their work, including their papers and speeches. Oy!

I’ve been so incognito with blogging lately because of time-crunch issues. I’ve had so much work for work, then for this online course, then for my 1/2-marathon (walking 13.2 miles is no small feat). It makes me sad — I’ve love to blog more, but it’s become very difficult at my school due to technology issues.

I have been reading your blogs when I get the chance — that’s usually pretty often.

Still waiting for the day when I feel comfortable with all of this job/career/etc.

Anyway, I should jet.


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