I can log into this from work/school! W00t! This is great, really…

No, I just have to put this aside and keep grading the online submissions for my afterschool credit recovery. Yup…all in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. And…now that I’ve been grading some of their work — there is a reason these kids are in a credit recovery class. Their effort seems to be the biggest roadblock to their success.

We’re off and running with the research paper, meanwhile. I’ve got such piss-poor grades for students so far. Various sicknesses have been running rampant at ye olde high school this school year, so I’ve had lots of absences. However, not one of these dear students even considered that their work would automatically be due when they came back from being sick — they have a calendar with every due date. I have LOTS of zeroes in place for people who haven’t turned things in on time. I don’t accept late work with this project. Apparently though, I need to come up with some sort of contingency policy for absences and illnesses, even though they have every due date, on a calendar, from now till the end of the year.

Yup, some of my dear ones are just that smart sometimes.

I’m tired — it makes me whinier and more down about things. I should qualify all this with the statement that I’m looking forward to reading their work — some of the quality of work I’ve seen so far is exciting.



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