Grades were due today — mine are atrocious. I’m going to give them amnesty. Every time I have to do something like that, to save them a bit, a feel like a little part of me has wilted. Why can’t students do their work on time? Oy…but, I don’t want to rant today.

I’ve been buying teacher nerd books like CRAZY lately. That’s my plan for the summer — summer school and bone up on my reading (gotta git some learnin’!) so that I can better plan things out for next year.

So far…I feel better about what’s going on, teachingwise, since I planned out the entire quarter, week by week. I gave all the students a calendar and everything. For example — next Monday, a district curric standards test. Another one on Tuesday. Another component of the research paper due Wednesday. Outline due Friday. Notes on how-to do outlines — either Monday or Tuesday (I need to check the library schedule). With everything planned out — I feel a smidge more organized. However, when I look at my cubey desk? The feeling quickly goes away.

Speaking of going away — it’s late. I gotta get outta here. Need to find food for the evening. Later taters!


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