Testing To Kill a Mockingbird

So…the test over To Kill a Mockingbird is supposed to be Friday. Well, it will be Friday. But, it will probably be scaled. And I’m still not overly optimistic about it. Some of this failure IS my fault. Some of it is theirs. But, I have to claim my part…

Well, there’s always the next book.

Speaking of reading…we’re trying out our new state reading test (a practice run) on the juniors tomorrow. Online. It should be interesting. I’m hoping the test really is as easy to use on the computer as the tutorial was. The tutorial was really designed for computer newbs. The voice over of the woman leading the tutorial was annoying, so I stopped listening and just read the stuff off the screen. Whoa.

I should make sure that I order my copies of the TKM test. Hmph.


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