Well, the To Kill a Mockingbird test was today. We’ll see how they did. I was talking to my dept supervisor yesterday — it’s so frustrating to me that the thing I love most about English (the novels, the reading) is the thing I feel like I’m the worst at teaching. *sigh* I can only improve though, right?

The rough draft (I had a few students who were actually unfamiliar with that concept — seriously, they didn’t know what I meant by it) is due Monday. They only have to turn in 2 of their (minimum) 4 pages. We’ll see how many I get. One student today finally turned in his first outline. The outline was due 2 weeks ago. What is it about deadlines and they need to turn things in on time that they JUST. DON’T. GET? Wow.

Ok, that’s enough today…I have to pack and figure out what’s going on with my weekend. Head to KC asap (I’m playing in a wedding, tomorrow, which is my bday) or do I go do girls’ night at my friends for a few hours and then drive (making it a late night).

Decisions. Decisions.


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